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About Us

Director of CUF: G.Chitra

Concerns Universe Foundation was established in 2001 by Gnana Chitra, Executive Director, as a response to the challenges that underprivileged people face. It works to provide opportunities for people to realise their potential and has been striving continuously to serve more and more members of the communities of Bangalore.

Initially, the organisation felt a real need for childcare provision in the community, and so began an early childcare centre in a local slum. It now runs five preschools as well as tuition centres and education sponsorship programs for school-aged children.

Concerns provides skills training through the Community College and vocational training centres. It also focuses on community health care, distributing information on healthy living and the prevention of diseases.

Local women are trained to become preschool facilitators, tuition teachers and community workers. This enables them to serve and develop their own community at large. An average of 70 students are enrolled in the Community College courses and 200 children in the childcare centers. About 300 children are supported academically either through tuition or sponsorship.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to empower and transform individuals in working towards sustainable development in society.


Concerns Universe Foundation believes that every individual has the potential to improve their own life and become both economically independent and socially dignified.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all achieve their educational, economic and social goals.

Our Mission

To realise this vision, Concerns works with urban poor and provides opportunities for education through vocational training to enhance employability, improve economic status and promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.


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