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Kanchana features on the Concerns Universe Foundation DVD, which was released in 2009 (link when available).  Before enrolling at the Community College, she had completed II PUC in a government college. Though her friends were looking for jobs, she did not feel so confident communicating in English, which held her back so she stayed at home and did not continue into higher education. Through friends, she heard about the Community College and decided to join because of the opportunity of improving her English and also to get involved with our Pre-school Teachers’ Course.  During the course she was unable to pick up English, but continued to communicate in Kannada. However, she picked up the work skills and life skills which gave her the confidence to pursue a job.  Her simplicity, hard work and sincerity appealed to the organization and they selected her as a pre-school teacher and community health worker, which was the main need of the organization.  She is still in Concerns and doing well. She is a very good motivator in her locality and has helped many more youngsters to join the Community College.


Suganthi is the mother of two children and her husband is a painter working for a daily wage.  Suganthi completed her 10th standard many years ago and got married at an early age. She always had the intention of improving her quality of life, so she identified and grabbed the opportunity of entering the Community College.  When the Community College workers promoted the concept during the training, she always happened to be the imitator and had the curiosity to learn whatever was taught to her. She was creative in all assignments, activities etc. and was very good in relating to the children. Although she found it difficult to pay the fees regularly, she continued her pursuit of training. After completing the course, she joined a local school as a pre-school teacher. She is now taking care of her family and also saves some money, enabling her to feel happy about her current financial situation. She is very proud to tell people that she is working as a teacher and feels she is now different from the others. She is still working as a pre-school teacher and also gives tuition. She is now much more confident and happy with her situation.


Usha is a married woman with two young sons, who has completed her second PUC.  She was looking for a teaching job, with very little confidence when we identified her as a highly motivated woman, wanting to become a teacher. Throughout the course she worked hard, attended regularly and developed core values to become a successful teacher. After completing the course, she became a teacher in a school where they also gave her additional responsibilities as a computer teacher.  Her future plan is to establish a pre-school of her own in 5 years time. The school she works in now kept requesting our Community College to send more teachers and we have sent two more.


Latha has been married for the last 9 years.  She has no children and was very emotionally unhappy.  It made her feel confined to her home environment. She was unhappy with her life and seeking solace.  Suganthi, our Community College student, was her neighbour. Latha was motivated by her and joined the Community College. Initially, she was silent and not getting involved, but the life-coping skills helped her to come out of her inferiority complex and enabled her to socialise with the other students. Though she was slow in work skills, she picked up an interest in teaching children. Her earlier typing skills enabled her to learn computer skills faster.  At the time, there was a need for a coordinator in Concerns. We identified her quality of being of a sincere, hard-working nature and therefore we employed her as a full-time coordinator and computer teacher for the students. Today, we have seen a tremendous improvement in her coordinating and leadership skills. She is happy with the change that has taken place in her life and is not brooding over the situation. Now she is able to groom herself well, save some money and contribute to the poor children in the neighbourhood.

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