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Concerns Vocational Training Centre – Computer Literacy classes in MV Garden, Ulsoor




Economic Independence and social dignity are the two fold interdependent determinants of a qualitative standard of life of mankind. But in the Indian context 32.7 percent of the population is graded poor. After passing the 10th class, students are unable to join in for higher education. Due to financial crisis, they are unable to undertake vocational and skills trainings. Although job opportunities are available skilled and efficient man power is not available to meet the existing job demand in the market for various trades.

Getting the youth of the urban and rural poor imparted with skills and techniques through systematic training would enable them gain access to employment opportunities and thus become self reliant. In the backdrop of alarming rate of school dropouts, in eligibility of the youth for employment due to lack of skills, migration from villages, youth being deemed as liabilities and to ensure everyone economic independence and social dignity the project commits to contribute its part by offering skill training in computer application with spoken English for ecomically weaker section of women and youth and preparing school going children from the community on computer literacy.

The area under consideration is a cluster of 5 pockets of slums near Ulsoor Lake area in the IT capital of India. The slum houses 10,000 families with a total population of over 60,000 and the literacy rate is below 26% much below the national or state literacy level. As for the occupation of the community they are mostly construction workers, petty hawkers, carpenters and painters. Women folk are mostly employed as domestic maids. Average annual income varies from Rs.48, 000 to Rs.60, 000. Average family size is six.

• Alarming rate of school dropouts
• Ineligibility of the youth for employment due to lack of skills
• Migration from Village to cities to create slums
• Youth being deemed as liability to the families, communities and nation
• To ensure everyone economic independence and social dignity
• Exploitation of women in the construction and unorganized sector.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE: The project envisages imparting vocational skills among the unemployed youth through computer application training to be able to qualify them to get gainfully employed and earn an income to emerge economically independent and socially dignified

TARGET GROUP: Community children, school going children, adolescent boys & girls and women

• Hard ware and soft ware components
• Navigating windows and saving files, Font attributes, cut and paste and tables
• MS Word ( Typing, editing, formatting, spell check, tables, columns, and Indenting, Bullets and clipart, copying and Pasting Images, Labels and envelopes)
• Touch typing
• Excel
• Power point
• Paint Brush
• Internet

1. Short Term Certificate training Course for dropouts from the community:
Sixty dropout boys and girls in the community, young home makers will be trained in short term computer based trainings with scope for employability.
2. Computer training for Study Support Program (Evening Tuition Program)
Thirty children from primary and middle level classes who attend Study groups (tuition) will be encouraged to work on computers in batches and taught basics.
3. Summer Computer Classes:
During summer vacation in April and May, fifty school children from the community will be attend computer literacy classes that will create awareness and develop interest among the students.
4. Computer experience for Concerns Childcare Centre: Thirty children in the Child Care get opportunity to listen to stories, rhymes, use computer by doing painting, playing games etc.

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